Art-Based Mini-Respite

On Demand, 1-Off Exploratory Workshop, 2-3 hour session — Price Varies

A relaxed art class giving participants a safe space in which to relax, unwind, and explore their creative side using a choice of media (pencils, paints, pastels, etc). Participants can work freely or follow instruction in a chosen area of interest, options including: abstract, surrealism, still life, figure drawing, naive art/illustration, or landscape. 

Can be run for one or more people, in-person or online with prices kept as low as possible. Materials can be delivered in advance of online events — at cost + UK postage. 

As price varies according to the number of students and materials (if required), please contact me with your specific interest. Workshop + materials may be organised as a gift.

For Carer Pamper Day workshops please follow link in the menu above.

Reverse Oil on Glass Painting Workshops 

On Demand

I also offer workshops in my own preferred medium of oils on glass. If you are interested please visit my main artist website at for more information. I do not run separate classes specifically for Carers, but do offer a discount to Registered Carers if asked and will always follow the student’s lead in tayloring the course to meet their interests.

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