Creative Coaching and Mentoring

On Demand

Being a Carer often results in creative interests being left behind or frequently delayed as we prioritise meeting the needs of others. 

While this may be necessary, constantly denying our own needs negatively impacts on our mental health and well-being. For creative people, one of the most powerful ways in which we can look after ourselves is to make space for our own creative interests. Expressing ourselves through art, music, or performance can refill our emotional reserves, remind ourselves of who we are outside of our Caring responsibilities, and help us to process the many complex, demanding, and sometimes traumatic experiences we deal with on a daily basis. 

It is also one of the ways in which we can supplement our incomes while also feeding our souls.

I won’t have all the answers you might be looking for, but I am offering to share a part of the journey with you. I’m curious about your creative interests and I'd like to support you in developing those interests in a meaningful and manageable way. Where I can, I will also share the experiences, insights, and networks I’ve found which might offer you support in both Caring and creative circles.

So, whatever your creative interest, if you’re finding yourself at the end of your emotional tether, desperate to be creative but stuck on your next step, email me via the Contact page link. 

In your email please include your interest and indicate how you’d like me to contact you to set up our first meeting. If you prefer voice or video call please include your relevant details and when you’d prefer me to call or if you’d rather call me.

Introductory Coaching Conversation, 1 hour session — Free

Available by email, voice, and/or video call to explore your interests and possible next steps.

Mentoring, Multiple Sessions — Price Varies

Following an inital Coaching Conversation, where it seems a good fit, I offer longer term Mentoring, taking the form of a series of conversations over a set period of time. Price is adjusted according to number of sessions and individual circumstances as I know Carer’s Allowance doesn’t stretch far — as a guide think ‘treat me to a coffee’ prices or an exchange of expertise for those who prefer to barter their time and skills for my time and effort.

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